Monday, April 11, 2011

Hanna, Take A Bow-wow

By Carl Scarano-Schulze, Top Critic
Los Angeles, California

I’ll tell you a secret. I may be just a young pup, but I’m a trained killing machine. Of course, I would never, ever hurt someone who doesn’t deserve it. But mess with my mom or dad, and I will attack. And you don’t want that!

That’s why I can’t stop wagging about this weekend’s HANNA. It’s like the story of my life! See, Hanna’s just like me. She’s a little sweetie who can totally snap and go all apeshit on some bad guys, namely Cate Blanchett who plays the surprisingly menacing operative Marisa Viegler. Raised in isolation, Hanna is trained in combat, linguistics, and general survival skills by her ex-pat Dad. Dad knows that if any of his old government buddies find out where he and his daughter are hiding, they’ll be silenced, permanently. So when she finally comes of age, they embark on their plan to split up and kill Marisa Viegler once and for all, thus guaranteeing their lasting peace and safety. Along the way, Hanna finds out what life is like outside of her snowy fortress, makes a few friends, and risks everything to reunite with her papa and learn the truth about her mysterious birth.

The Chemical Brothers score was a real winner – it doesn’t drive you up the walls, but it makes all of the fight and chase scenes really exciting. Seventeen year old star Saorise Ronan is PERFECT as Hanna – she’s ass-kickingly aloof, not at all like last summer’s cutesy Hit Girl. The villains were complex and genuinely frightening (My apologies to other theater-goers if my growling was distrurbing at all!) All in all, I say that director Joe Wright really knows his stuff – I was on the edge of my seat the whole time!

Summary: I haven’t been this excited since the mail came!

Wags: 5/5

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