Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Limitless: Like Catnip, But For People

by Carl Scarano-Schulze, Top Critic
Los Angeles, California

I really hate it when my Mom or Dad have to give me my heartworm pill. They always hide it in a piece of cheese, like I won’t even notice. I can’t even enjoy cheese anymore, and it used to be my favorite treat. Did you know that humans take pills all the time, just for fun?!?!

I guess that’s why I thought Limitless was a little confusing at first. But then it got pretty cool! Bradley Cooper plays Eddie Morra, a guy who gets offered a “super-pill” that makes him instantly ultra smart and charismatic, which he then uses to get rich, rich, rich. Things are going great until he runs out, and then he really has to scramble to get more and keep his magic medicine a secret from his lady-friend and his new boss. It’s heart-pounding thrill ride – just like the time I drank my mom’s latte while she was in the bathroom.

I like Bradley Cooper – he’s in that other movie where he and his buds call themselves a “Wolfpack”. Cooper is a nice, respectable dog name. Plus, he really carried this movie. It was fun watching him go from sick puppy to alpha dog. Even though he never really learns a lesson, I can sympathize. Learning is hard.

Summary: I could’ve really used that NZT stuff when I was in puppy kindergarten.

Rating: 3/5 Wags

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