Friday, April 22, 2011

RUFF CROWD EXCLUSIVE - The Troll Hunter Is A Treasure!

By Stella Cole, Top Critic
Hollywood, California

Let me start by saying that shaky cam movies do not typically sit well with this dog. And by that, I mean that I usually barf up my Alpo before those Blair Witch kids even lose their map. But after seeing the trailer for the much-buzzed-about The Troll Hunter, I decided to skip lunch and check out the director’s screening in Culver City – if only because the trolls looked really neat, and I’m a big fan of, well, underdog filmmaking.

This flick is a Norwegian horror/adventure film about some students who stumble upon a government conspiracy to conceal the existence of enormous trolls in the Scandanavian wilderness. It’s subtitled, but otherwise fun and easy to follow, in the vein of 2009’s Norwegian gorefest, Dead Snow. Since the plot surrounds a trio of students making a college film about the mysterious deaths of some local bears, it’s shot entirely from the viewpoint of the amateur cameraman – complete with grainy night-footage, crashing ground-views, and running-through-the-woods footage that can really make your stomach turn.

But then the trolls show up. Expertly animated into the scenery, these giant creatures really shine as the stars of the show. I triple-dog dare anyone to look away while one of these hilarious monsters is on-screen. The can have multiple heads, but are notoriously stupid. Their other memorable traits include being smelly, and prone to exploding or turning to stone when exposed to UVB lighting. Did I mention that they live to feast on the blood of true Christian believers? All in all, The Troll Hunter transcends your typical monster movie in so many ways – it’s exciting, scary, and truly very funny at times. So make sure to see it when it hits independent theaters this summer – an American remake is already in the works, and you can bet that all of the original, innovative fun will be watered down like the drinks at Applebee’s.

Summary: The Troll Hunter is unique filmmaking worth retching for.

Wags: 4/5

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