Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Source Code Barks Up The Wrong Tree

By Stella Cole, Top Critic
Hollywood, California

I was out on a walk when I first saw the movie poster for Source Code, and right away I thought it looked like a waste of time – remember, even a 90 minute flick is the equivalent of 10 ½ hours to a dog.  But when I heard my people talking about all the great reviews that human critics had given it, I decided to give it a chance.  It stars Jake Gyllenhaal, who you’ll probably remember from  Brokeback Mountain, the movie about those Austalian cattle dogs and the gay guys they hung around with.

The movie is about army Captain Coulter Stevens who wakes up on a train in someone else’s body.  After a few false starts, he learns that he has 8 minutes to find a bomb, and the would-be terrorist before the bomb blows up and kills hundreds.   Like the movie Groundhog Day, he has go back again and again until he gets it right.  But in the meantime, he learns some scary stuff about the people behind the military project known as Source Code, that can tap into the last few minutes of a human’s memory banks before they die.

The story was pretty good, and I didn’t fall asleep, even though I found a nice warm patch of sunlight on the floor to lay in while watching.  There are no dog’s featured in the movie, but there is a duck shown several times.  Boy, I really wanted to chase that duck.  My biggest problem with the movie was that if you really needed someone to go back in time and find a bomb on a train, you’d be much better off sending a Beagle or a Basset Hound than a stupid army guy who wastes a lot of time kissing.   I bet even I could’ve sniffed out that bomb, barked at the perp, and still had 6 minutes left to chase a sunbeam across the floor of the train.

In Summary:  Source Code was a like a trip to the vet’s office – the ride there is fun, but the payoff is disappointing.

Rating: 3/5 Wags

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