Tuesday, June 7, 2011

X-Men Prove To Be Just OK-Men

By Stella Cole, Top Critic
Hollywood, California

I remember getting chills the first time I saw the trailer for X-Men: First Class. I capital-L Loved the idea of a prequel that explored the initial friendship between Magneto and Professor X, along with the founding of the infamous Academy for gifted pups. The casting was tremendous, an all-star lineup featuring some very promising up-and-comers. So much to look forward to! So why did this film not work for me? Has working as a doggy critic made me overly doggy critical?

To be fair, the film did have many things going for it. Michael Fassbender simply transforms into a troubled young Magneto, every moment he spends on screen is a moment to be enjoyed. The scene in which he pulls the sub out of the water is was positively inspired. James McAvoy is decent as recent-grad Charles Xavier. He lacks the stoicism of the Patrick Stewart Professor X that we all know and love, and the writers attempts to inject swagger into his character didn’t quite ring true. It was hard to be truly afraid of Kevin Bacon as the films main antagonist – his German was solid, but his little piggy nose kept making me laugh. If Jennifer Lawrence’s performance as Mystique fell a little flat, then January Jones as Emma Frost was positively painful. The special effects of Emma in her crystallized state were reminiscent of my old Myspace page graphics. Rose Byrne as a human CIA operative was useless, and that fluttering stripper and her fire-loogies should have been cut from the film altogether. Thank the Hollywood Gods that they didn't make this one in 3D.

Was it a waste of 2 hours? Absolutely not. It was highly entertaining, making it easy enough to ignore some of the more gaping plot holes and inconsistencies in the script. Was it this summer’s best? Methinks not. Maybe Magneto could triumph in a one-on-one fight against Thor, but Thor had the better movie, paws down.

Summary: Call me when production’s wrapped on X-Men Babies.

Wags: 3/5

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