Thursday, July 14, 2011

Heart Attack!

By Stella Cole, Top Critic
Hollywood, California

I know, I know. It’s hard to get excited about alien invasion movies these days. Every month, there are more to choose from, each one with a bigger visual effects budget than the last. Who needs another one? Not me, and certainly not the moviegoers at last night’s screening of Attack The Block – hands down, the best adventure of 2011 so far. No A-list stars. No kissing. No green screens. No problem!

If you haven’t heard of it yet, Attack The Block is a genius little 85 minute sci-fi/comedy/horror/adventure flick about some inner-city British kids who have to defend their neighborhood from some very analog, puppet-like, bloodthirsty creatures from outer space. They’re thugs! They’re British! They’re pitch-perfect, authentic, and incredibly winning. Let’s just say that in comparison, they make the pretty-damn-good Super 8 kids look like the Mickey Mouse club. The story just works - it’s simple, the writing is effortless, and the performances are spot-on. And what a treat it was to realize that we didn’t sign up for saving the entire planet! It’s us against them, for the salvation of the apartment building, and every minute is a funny, scary treat.

Shaun of the Dead fans will recognize Nick Frost – the films only recognizable star and resident pot grower. The lead ruffian, played by mini-Denzel Joe Boyega, shows a surprising amount of depth and complexity for a first-timer. His character, Moses, demonstrates subtleties that haven’t been seen in Hollywood since god knows when. His stoic performance only served to enhance the dynamic of the group, without beating you over the head with the whole delinquent-with-heart-of-gold cliche. But the real star here is probably writer/director Joe Cornish who proves that when it comes to movie making, it still pays to KISS – keep it simple, stupid! So do yourself a favor, take a break from the big budget Hollywood blockbusters. Get yourself an extra large buttered popcorn, plenty of soda, and settle in for the pure summer fun that is Attack The Block. You can thank me later.

Summary: Just say "No" to Hollywood schlock. Say "Yes" to Attack the Block!

Wags: 4/5

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