Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Horrible Bosses: Promotions All Around

By Miss Tummy Cole, Top Critic
San Francisco, California

I'm just a simple dog at heart. The history of modern cinema as I see it is as follows: first, Caddyshack, then, the Princess Bride, then nothing for about 20 years. Then Judd Apatow came along and filled a huge void in cinema with his gross-out comedy/buddy pics. While it didn't exactly break new ground in movie-making, Horrible Bosses was a satisfying little adventure that had enough of an Apatow-directed Office Space feel to keep me entertained for 100 straight minutes. Granted, I brought my own popcorn (have you tried Orville Redenbacher's new Pop-Up bowl?? genius!!), and I would have paid $10 alone just to see Colin Farrell's awesome comb-over. But the movie itself combined a mediocre caper setup with a pretty talented cast to produce a genuinely fresh romp worthy of buying on Blu-Ray for the outtakes alone.

Nick, Kurt, and Dale are three working-class stiffs in the middle of a recession who decide that with no other options available, they need to solve their problems with upper management using a little homicide. As a currently unemployed beagle, I really sympathized with their plight. Stuck in dead-end jobs with abusive bosses and no other way out, I found myself on-board with the killings almost from the get-go. The most enjoyable part of the movie is the early reveal of just how loathsome these bosses truly are. A particularly entertaining Jennifer Aniston really seems to relish her role as the potty mouthed man-eating dentist, and rightly so. (Despite the fact that her plotline was ridiculously implausible, her tarty little outfits more than made up for it.) The boys consult a local tough guy for advice (a surprisingly lively Jamie Foxx), then enthusiastically bumble through operation surveillance. Hijinks ensue.

A big congrats goes to director Seth Gordon, former documentarian of King of Kong fame, for proving that he can be just as winning with fiction as he is with non. Underdog it ain't, but Horrible Bosses invoked enough sympathy for their likeable leads and hatred for their repugnant bosses that I found myself rooting for a successful triple homicide. And, miracle of miracles, I gained a nugget of respect for Jennifer Aniston.

Summary: Head and shoulders above anything we’ve seen from Bateman or Aniston in the last 5 years.

Wags: 3/5

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