Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Drive: Silent, But Deadly!

By Stella Cole, Top Critic
Hollywood, California

Trust me. I look really, really cool when I’m in the car with my mom, windows down, tongue hangin’ out, ears blowin’ in the wind. But nobody, and I mean NOBODY, looks as cool as Ryan Gosling does in his new movie Drive. This totally rad, totally unexpected film is not your average action flick, and Gosling is not your average action star. He’s part Samurai, part Steve McQueen, part cute patootie, and 100% Cool Dude, from the opening credits in their hot pink Dirty Dancing font, all the way to the drive-off-into-the-sunset-with-guts-hangin’-out finale. He could give cool lessons to Spuds MacKenzie, and everyone knows Spuds is the world’s coolest dog.

This Cannes Film Festival favorite tells of the story of a lonely stuntman-slash-getaway driver who finds love and companionship with his neighbor lady and her young son. But when her no-good husband comes home from jail, our hero has to help him pull off one last heist in order to settle his debts from the clink and keep the family safe. Obviously, things don’t go according to plan, and they get mixed up with some real dangerous dudes. But no sweat! Ryan Gosling can just kick their heads in, no problemo, and if he has to kill the whole Hollywood mafia in order to keep his new friends safe, well then, so be it.

Do you like suspense? Drive has it in spades, featuring some of the nail-bitingist chase scenes of all time. The real-time driving effect makes you feel like you’re right there in the car, quietly maneuvering the streets of LA, avoiding the cops at all costs. The violence was pitch-perfect – well-timed, unexpected, and with consequences to boot. Gosling plays the strong, silent type with the kind of noble stoicism that is so hard to come by in Hollywood. He makes everything look easy, and everything feel important, all at the same time. Albert Brooks as head of the Hollywood Jewish mob scene was positively threatening, and Bryan Cranston seemed right at home the grease-monkey-turned-father-figure. Even Carey Mulligan was appropriately doe-eyed and not at all nauseating. Every studio in town should listen up and take some serious notes. This is how you make an action movie that people remember.

Summary: Put your driving gloves on, grab a toothpick and haul ass to your local theater. Drive is not to be missed!

Wags: 5/5

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