Critic Bios

Stella Cole is 7 year old Cocker Spaniel, currently living in Hollywood, California. She was raised in the rough-and-tumble San Francisco city pound, where she was forced to watch Homeward Bound and Benji: The Hunted over and over until finally being whisked away to SoCal by her benevolent new Mom in 2004. Stella’s passion for cinema reached its zenith when she was introduced into a household that had both HBO and Showtime. Her favorite movie is the The Bicycle Thief, and she dreams in the black & white neorealism of early Italian cinema.

River Shaughnessy is an 11 year old yellow Labrador from just outside of Denver, Colorado. Ever the cosplay-enthusiast, River can often be found donning a superheroes crime fighting cape, or sometimes the antler’s of Santa’s reindeer. Her hobbies include all things Christmas, family snowball fights, and hunting the mythical bobcat of Steamboat Springs. She has an honorary bachelor’s degree in Film Studies from the University of Colorado, Denver. Her favorite movie is Harold & Maude. Her least favorite is Old Yeller.

Carl Scarano-Schulze is a Pit-Boxer mix who was born on the mean streets of South Central Los Angeles before being promptly adopted and relocated to the Franklin Hills neighborhood. Confined indoors for much of his early life, Carl dedicated his time to the intense study of classic films of the 80s and 90s, until finally receiving a social-life saving vaccination that allowed him to venture outside the home. His major influences include John Hughes and John Carpenter (his favorite movie is Big Trouble in Little China). Carl hopes to one day direct and produce a feature-length documentary about the plight of the American pit bull in our nation’s most economically disadvantaged communities. He also enjoys Improv comedy.
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